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“Naturalia et Artificialia” in “Prisonniers du soleil : la part maudite de la modernité,” curated by Guillaume Désanges (Le Plateau Frac Ile de France, Paris, 2010)
An exhibition of my personal kitsch collection, where the natural and the artificial mix in the tradition of the Wunderkammern. The four displays are loosely organized around the elements: air and land above, water below. As in all curiosity cabinets, what matters here is the dialogue that is intuitively established between the different objects, which has as much to do with what they represent as with their formal attributes (color, material, etc.).
“Pussypops” in "169A2", curated by E. Stéphany and  X.  Mazzarol, (Paris, 2010)
The collective exhibition 169A2 was centered on the erotic character of this Parisian door code number. I contributed with these Hello Kitty lollipops for children, which double as fans, and so can both be sucked by and air their users.  By placing them in candleholders and turning their fans on, the playful dimension of these perverse toys was highlighted.
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